Citizens To Protect Ambridge Reservoir

Along with all Ambridge Water Authority customers and their community leaders, you are invited to attend a public forum on Wednesday, April 20, 2016, at 7 p.m. in the Ambridge High School cafeteria. The topic of this forum will be “Protect Your Drinking Water.”

Sponsored by Citizens to Protect the Ambridge Reservoir and funded by a grant from Three Rivers Community Foundation of Pittsburgh, the forum will feature three water-quality experts:

  • DON MUIR, Source Water Protection Plan Specialist, PA Rural Water Association
  • DANIEL S. FISHER, Hydrogeologist, Wetstone Solutions, LLC
  • DR. JOHN STOLZ, Duquesne Center for Environmental Research & Education

These speakers will spark discussion of how a single vital resource can help protect the drinking water of all eight municipalities served by the Ambridge Water Authority.

That resource is a Source Water Protection Plan (SWPP) funded by the state Department of Environmental Protection and created with its technical assistance.

Local citizens and their community leaders will leave the forum with a greater understanding of how the SWPP can help preserve the Ambridge Reservoir as our local source of safe drinking water.

Please feel free to email or call me (412-749-9070) with questions about the forum. The event flyer can be downloaded here.

In this age of increasing threats to local drinking water systems, we would welcome your support for the April 20 “Protect Your Drinking Water” forum. Please join us, and please urge others to attend.


Rosemary Stewart

Pennsylvania DEP Source Water Protection