Creek Redesignation Project

On November 20, 2012, the PA Environmental Quality Board accepted a petition to upgrade Little Sewickley Creek from its current “high quality” designation to “exceptional quality.” Usually, creeks which carry this new designation lie in state forest preserves. The outstanding health of the Little Sewickley Creek watershed relates to its overlay on the Bell Acres Biodiversity Corridor and its relatively sparse suburban development.

Nate Reinhart, graduate student from Duquesne University’s Center for Environmental Studies under the guidance and supervision of Little Sewickley Creek Watershed Association board member Ed Schroth, spearheaded the data collection effort. Nate’s 140 page petition passed several interim reviews prior to this formal acceptance.
The data collected included that of Ed Schroth’s “Up the Creek Gang” from 1978-2003, and data collected by QV Creekers under the supervision of April Claus at Fern Hollow Nature Center from 2009-2012 as well as other groups and individuals who did research in the watershed since 1978.

Click here for a copy of the completed petition.

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