Wreath Making Project at the Sewickley Public Library

Every December for the last twelve years, LSCWA has invited elementary school aged children to create holiday wreaths from natural materials at the Sewickley Public Library. This project started as an art project for home schooled children; it has now expanded to include children attending any school in the Sewickley area.

Click on our gallery of photos to see the children at work and then posing with their finished wreaths!

Before the wreath building begins, the children compare bark, needles, and cones of spruce, pine, fir, and juniper. Pollination as well as the importance of evergreens on steep slopes and along creeks is discussed.

The wreath bases are made of woven grapevine. The children wire on small bundles of evergreens, holly, and/ or boxwood around the wreath base. Pine cones and bows are then added at the end. Wreaths do not have to fully encircle the grapevine base to be considered finished. Every wreath is a one-of-a kind natural treasure!

LSCWA volunteers are joined by members of Village Garden Club in this project.

Last updated: April 28, 2016 at 12:00 pm